Glorious Sparta

Shield hanging on a sportsfield fence near the ancient Spartan acropolis.
Photo credit: V. Moroz

It probably seems unusual that anyone would revere the ancient Spartans enough to fill an entire web-site with information about them.  While modern thoughts on Sparta revolve primarily around the purely masculine aspects of their culture through the results of their agoge, there is much that lies beneath their famous educational system that is worthy of study. Not the least of which was good government, the societal equality of their women, and their respected position within the greater community of Hellas.

This site brings together much of the ancient literature on the Sparta that existed between the acceptance of the laws of Lykurgos and their eventual fall from supremacy following their war with Thebes.  It seeks as much to praise their attempts to create and exceptional society full of strong, capable citizens as it does to point out that the Spartans were after all just people and subject therefore to the baser human attributes.  Their respected place in Greek society on one hand, their treatment of the helots on the other, the ancient Spartans are a study in opposites.  The value in studying the Spartans lies in this dichotomy.